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[tc] meeting summary for aug. 8 2019

Hi everyone,

The TC held itâ??s monthly meeting on the 8th of August 2019 and this
email provides a summary of that meeting

Jeremy Stanley (fungi) was added as TC Liaison for the Image
Encryption pop-up team and their proposed resolution on proper
retirement procedures was approved and merged.

Swift is now working in Python 3 and inside DevStack so this puts us
in a really good place to continue with Python 3 efforts in Swift.

Graham Hayes (mugsie) is currently working on the code for the
proposal bot so that when we cut a branch, it automatically pushes up
a patch to add the â??python3 jobsâ?? for that series.

Thierry Carrez (ttx) organized the milestone 2 forum meeting with TC
members. We have Jim Rollenhagen (jroll) and maybe Graham Hayes
(mugsie) volunteering for the programming committee.

The proposal for making goal selection a two-step process has been
needing reviews for a while so I encourage the community to have a
look at it as well as other TC members.

We also talked about whoâ??s attending the Shanghai Summit (hereâ??s the
Etherpad with the list of whoâ??s going:
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/PVG-TC-PTG) and who will be attending
the leadership meeting. We think that everybody already on the TC
going to PTG will be there but weâ??ll only be able to know the exact
number at the end of the election, so towards the end of September.

Weâ??re also thinking about starting a â??Large Scaleâ?? SIG so people could
collaborate in tackling more of the scaling issues together. Thierry
Carrez (ttx) and I will be looking into that by mentioning the idea to
LINE and YahooJapan (as some perspective at-scale operators)to see
what they think and also make a list of organizations that could be
interested. Rico Lin (ricolin) will also update the SIG guidelines
documents to make the whole process easier and Jim Rollenhagen (jroll)
will try and bring this up at Verizon Media.

Finally, we talked about an issue regarding CI Maintainers associated
with Cinder not maintaining their systems by not migrating them to
Python 3.7. Half of those drivers will be deprecated since they still
run on Python 2.7, which wonâ??t be supported by the next â??Uâ?? release.
Jay Bryant tried contacting them all individually but most didnâ??t
answer (a lot of contact info isnâ??t up to date).  If you know someone
who maintains a Cinder driver in-tree, please have them double-check
on this.

I hope that I covered most of what we discussed, for the full meeting
logs, you can find them here:


Thanks for tuning in!


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E. mnaser at vexxhost.com
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