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[zaqar][requirements][tc][triple-o][tripleo] jsonschema 3.x and python-zaqarclient


For a while the requirements team is trying to go through the process
of removing the upper cap
on jsonschema to allow the update to jsonschema 3.x. The update
for that is becoming more urgent as more and more other
(non-OpenStack) projects are going
with requiring jsonschema >= 3, so we need to move forward as well to
keep co-installability
and be able to consume updates of packages to versions that depend on
jsonschema >= 3.

The current blocker seems to be tripleo-common / os-collect-config
depending on python-zaqarclient,
which has a broken gate since the merge of:


on the server side, which was done here:


The python-zaqarclient functional tests have not been correspondingly
adjusted, and are failing
for more than 5 months meanwhile, in consequence many patches for
zaqarclient, including
the one uncapping jsonschema are piling up.  It looks like no real
merge activity happened since


which is a bit more than 6 months ago. How should we move forward?
doing a release of zaqarclient
using some implementation of an API that got removed server side
doesn't seem to be a terribly great
idea, plus that we still need to merge either one of my patches (one
that makes functional testing non-voting
or the brutal "lets drop all tests that fail" patch). On the other
side, I don't know how feasible it is for Triple-O
to drop the dependency on os-collect-config or os-collect-config to
drop the dependency on zaqar.

Any suggestion on how to move forward?