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inaccessibility of instances page in my openstack installation


I'm a blind programmer and we use Openstack in our organisation to   create
and manage servers for development.

In the past when I wanted to launch or delete an instance I'd go to the
Instances page.

Just above the table listing the current instances I have,  would be a
series of buttons  which allowed you to launch, delete  instances or carry
out more actions.

When using Firefox I can  access these  items via the keyboard  by hitting
enter on them.

Up to very recently this was also the case in Chrome (which is my preferred

However, in the last week of so I've noticed that I can no longer use the
keyboard to interact with these controls, you need to click them with the

I'm not sure if this is an issue with Chrome or with Openstack.
Has there been any recent changes to Openstack which might explain this?

Many thanks,


Instance ID = Filter Launch Instance Delete Instances More Actions