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[nova-lxd] no one uses nova-lxd?

Hey Adrian,

 I was playing with Nova LXD with OpenStack Ansible, I have an example here:


 It's too bad that Nova LXD is gone...   :-(

 I use LXD a lot in my Ubuntu servers (not openstack based), so, next step
would be to deploy bare-metal OpenStack clouds with it but, I canceled my


On Fri, 26 Jul 2019 at 15:37, Adrian Andreias <adrian at fleio.com> wrote:

> Hey,
> We were planing to migrate some thousand containers from OpenVZ 6 to
> Nova-LXD this fall and I know at least one company with the same plans.
> I read the message about current team retiring from the project.
> Unfortunately we don't have the manpower to invest heavily in the project
> development.
> We would however be able to allocate a few hours per month, at least for
> bug fixing.
> So I'm curios if there are organizations using or planning to use Nova-LXD
> in production and they have the know-how and time to contribute.
> It would be a pity if the the project dies.
> Cheers!
> - Adrian Andreias
> https://fleio.com
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