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[cinder] [3rd party ci] Deadline Has Past for Python3 Migration


This e-mail has multiple purposes.  First, I have expanded the mail 
audience to go beyond just openstack-discuss to a mailing list I have 
created for all 3rd Party CI Maintainers associated with Cinder.  I 
apologize to those of you who are getting this as a duplicate e-mail.

For all 3rd Party CI maintainers who have already migrated your systems 
to using Python3.7...Thank you!  We appreciate you keeping up-to-date 
with Cinder's requirements and maintaining your CI systems.

If this is the first time you are hearing of the Python3.7 requirement 
please continue reading.

It has been decided by the OpenStack TC that support for Py2.7 would be 
deprecated [1].  The Train development cycle is the last cycle that will 
support Py2.7 and therefore all vendor drivers need to demonstrate 
support for Py3.7.

It was discussed at the Train PTG that we would require all 3rd Party 
CIs to be running using Python3 by the Train milestone 2: [2]  We have 
been communicating the importance of getting 3rd Party CI running with 
py3 in meetings and e-mail for quite some time now, but it still appears 
that nearly half of all vendors are not yet running with Python 3. [3]

If you are a vendor who has not yet moved to using Python 3 please take 
some time to review this document [4] as it has guidance on how to get 
your CI system updated.  It also includes some additional details as to 
why this requirement has been set and the associated background.  Also, 
please update the py3-ci-review etherpad with notes indicating that you 
are working on adding py3 support.

I would also ask all vendors to review the etherpad I have created as it 
indicates a number of other drivers that have been marked unsupported 
due to CI systems not running properly.  If you are not planning to 
continue to support a driver adding such a note in the etherpad would be 





[3] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-py3-ci-review

[4] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Cinder/3rdParty-drivers-py3-update