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[nova] Hyper-V CI broken on stable branches

-hyper-v_ci at microsoft.com, +nova_hyperv_ci at cloudbasesolutions.com
(used the wrong third party CI page contact info earlier, sorry)

Dear Hyper-V CI maintainers,

We noticed upstream that the Hyper-V CI has been failing on the 
stable/stein and stable/rocky (and perhaps older branches too) since 
this tempest change merged to unskip test_stamp_pattern:


Here are links to sample failed CI runs:

stable/stein: http://cloudbase-ci.com/nova/674828/1/tempest/subunit.html.gz

stable/rocky: http://cloudbase-ci.com/nova/674916/1/tempest/subunit.html.gz

It looks like all is well on the master branch (looks like 
test_stamp_pattern does not run on master).

Just wanted to alert you about the failures and see if anyone is 
available to fix it or add test_stamp_pattern to a skip list for Hyper-V CI.