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[OpenStack Infra] Current documentations of OpenStack CI/CD architecture

Trinh Nguyen <dangtrinhnt at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Jeremy,
> Thanks for pointing that out. They're pretty helpful.
> Sorry for not clarifying the purpose of my question in the first email.
> Right now my company is using Jenkins for CI/CD which is not scalable and
> for me it's hard to define job pipeline because of XML. I'm about to build
> a demonstration for my company using Zuul with Github as a replacement and
> trying to make sense of the OpenStack deployment of Zuul. I have been
> working with OpenStack projects for a couple of cycles in which Zuul has
> shown me its greatness and I think I can bring that power to the company.
> Bests,

In addition to the excellent information that Jeremy provided, since
you're talking about setting up a proof of concept, you may find it
simpler to start with the Zuul Quick-Start:


That's a container-based tutorial that will set you up with a complete
Zuul system running on a single host, along with a private Gerrit
instance.  Once you have that running, it's fairly straightforward to
take that and update the configuration to use GitHub instead of Gerrit.