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[all][tc] U Cycle Naming Poll

Doug Hellmann <doug at doughellmann.com> writes:

> Every OpenStack development cycle and release has a code-name. As with
> everything we do, the process of choosing the name is open and based
> on input from communty members. The name critera are described in [1],
> and this time around we were looking for names starting with U
> associated with China. With some extra assistance from local community
> members (thank you to everyone who helped!), we have a list of
> candidate names that will go into the poll. Below is a subset of the
> names propsed, including those that meet the standard criteria and
> some of the suggestions that do not. Before we start the poll, the
> process calls for us to provide a period of 1 week so that any names
> removed from the proposals can be discussed and any last-minute
> objections can be raised. We will start the poll next week using this
> list, including any modifications based on that discussion.


I had previously added an entry to the suggestions wiki page, but I did
not see it in this email:

* University
  (Shanghai is famous for its universities)

To pick one at random, the "University of Shanghai for Science and
Technology" is a place in Shanghai; I think that meets the requirement
for "physical or human geography".

It's a point of pride that Shanghai has so many renowned universities,
so I think it's a good choice and one well worth considering.