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[all][tc] U Cycle Naming Poll

On 2019-08-05 15:41:30 -0400 (-0400), Jeremy Freudberg wrote:
> Responding to myself with a different approach, as seen elsewhere
> in the thread.

While I appreciate everyone's innovative ideas for coming up with
additional names, the time for adding entries to the list has
passed. We need a name for the U cycle, like, yesterday. Not having
one is holding up a variety of governance and event planning tasks
and generally making things more complicated for everyone involved.
There were threads on this mailing list in February and April asking
for help putting together a solution. People pitched in and the list
Doug sent is what they came up with (minus some which we removed in
advance for a variety of reasons). The remaining list still seems to
have a number of viable options, and this is the phase where we're
asking if anyone objects to any of what's there before we put
together a community poll to rank them a few days from now.
Jeremy Stanley
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