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[manila] Enabling CephFS snapshot support by default

Hi Goutham,

On 7/26/19 5:41 AM, Goutham Pacha Ravi wrote:
> Hi Zorillas and interested parties,
> (Copying a couple of folks explicitly as they may not be part of
> openstack-discuss)
> Manila's CephFS driver has a configuration option
> "cephfs_enable_snapshots" that administrators can toggle in
> manila.conf to allow project users to take snapshots of their shares.
> [1][2] This option has defaulted to False, since the time the CephFS
> driver was introduced (Mitaka release of OpenStack Manila)
> IIUC, CephFS snapshots have been "stable" since the Mimic release of
> CephFS, which debuted in June 2018. [3]  Since then, ceph
> deployers/administrators don't have to toggle anything on the backend
> to enable snapshots.
> So, can we consider changing the default value of the config opt in
> manila to "True" in the Train release?

+1 . I would also vote for deprecating the option directly.