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[kuryr] [ptl] [tc] Stepping down as Kuryr PTL

As I have taken on a new role in my company I won't be having the time
to dedicate to Kuryr in order to keep as the PTL for the current cycle.

I started working on the project more than two cycles ago and it has
been a real pleasure for me.

Helping a project grow from an idea and a set of diagrams to a
production-grade service was an awesome experience and I got help from
my awesome team and upstream contributors!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed
to the success of Kuryr â?? either by writing code, suggesting new use
cases, participating in our discussions, or helping out with Infra!

Michal Dulko (irc: dulek) has been kind enough to accept replacing me as
the new Kuryr PTL [1]. Iâ??m sure he'll make an excellent work as he's
knowledgeable about every piece of the code and is tightly connected to
the community. I will still be around to help if needed.

Please join me congratulating Michal on his new role!



[1] https://review.opendev.org/674624

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