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reply: [lists.openstack.org代发]Re: [nova][ops] Documenting nova tunables at scale

Agree with this approach. The large-scale test scenario configuration manual is very meaningful.

When the OpenStack deployment scale reaches a certain level (for example, nodes >= 200,500â?¦ etc.),

various exception scenarios will occur, rabitmq blocking conditions, and create a batch of servers.

Itâ??s success rate (There will be some configurations to be care. e.g. scheduling policies, rpc wait time, amount of works etc.).

If there is a reference manual, this is very friendly.

> On Sat, 3 Aug. 2019, 6:25 am Matt Riedemann, <mriedemos at gmail.com<mailto:mriedemos at gmail.com>> wrote:

   > I wanted to send this to get other people's feedback if they have
   > particular nova configurations once they hit a certain scale (hundreds
   > or thousands of nodes). Every once in awhile in IRC I'll be chatting
   > with someone about configuration changes they've made running at large
   > scale to avoid, for example, hammering the control plane. I don't know
   > how many times I've thought, "it would be nice if we had a doc
   > highlighting some of these things so a new operator could come along and
   > see, oh I've never tried changing that value before".
   > I haven't started that doc, but I've started a bug report for people to
   > dump some of their settings. The most common ones could go into a simple
   > admin doc to start.
   > I know there is more I've thought about in the past that I don't have in
   > here but this is just a starting point so I don't make the mistake of
   > not taking action on this again.
   > https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1838819
   > --
    > Thanks,
    > Matt

   Hi Matt,

   My name is Joe - docs person from years back - this looks like a good initiative and I would be up for documenting these settings at scale.

   Next step I can see is gathering more Info about this pain point (already started :)) and then I can draft something together for feedback.

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