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stestr Python 2 Support

On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 09:11:36AM -0400, Matthew Treinish wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I just wanted to send a quick update about the state of python 2 support in
> stestr, since OpenStack is the largest user of the project. With the recent
> release of stestr 2.4.0 we've officially deprecated the python 2.7 support
> in stestr. It will emit a DeprecationWarning whenever it's run from the CLI
> with python 2.7 now. The plan (which is not set in stone) is that we will be
> pushing a 3.0.0 release that removes the python 2 support and compat code from
> stestr sometime in early 2020 (definitely after the Python 2.7 EoL on Jan.
> 1st). I don't believe this conflicts with the current Python version support
> plans in OpenStack [1] but just wanted to make sure people were aware so that
> there are no surprises when stestr stops working with Python 2 in 3.0.0.

Thanks Matt.  I know it's a little meta but if something really strange
were to happen would you be open to doing 2.X.Y releases while we still
have maintained branches that use it?

Yours Tony.
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