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creating instances, haproxy eats CPU, glance eats RAM

when in newton release were introduced role separation, we divided memory
hungry processes into 4 different VM's on 3 physical boxes:
1) Networker: all Neutron agent processes (network throughput)
2) Systemd: all services started by systemd (Neutron)
3) pcs: all services controlled by pcs (Galera + RabbitMQ)
4) horizon

not sure how to do now, I think I will go for VMs again and those VMs will
include containers. It is easier to recover and rebuild the whole OpenStack.

Gregory > do you have local storage for swift and cinder background?
if local; then
  do you use RAID?
  if yes; then which RAID?; fi
  do you use ssd?
  do you use CEPH as background for cinder and swift?

also double check where _base image is located? is it in
/var/lib/nova/instances/_base/* ? and flavor disks stored in
/var/lib/nova/instances ? (can check on compute by: virsh domiflist
instance-00000## )

On Thu, 1 Aug 2019 at 09:25, Gregory Orange <gregory.orange at pawsey.org.au>

> Hi again everyone,
> On 1/8/19 11:12 am, Gregory Orange wrote:
> > We have a Queens/Rocky environment with haproxy in front of most
> services. Recently we've found a problem when creating multiple instances
> (2 VCPUs, 6GB RAM) from large images. The behaviour is the same whether we
> use Horizon or Terraform, so I've continued on with Terraform since it's
> easier to repeat attempts.
> As a followup, I found a neutron server stuck with one of its cores
> consumed to 100%, and RAM and swap exhausted. After rebooting that server,
> everything worked fine. Over the next hour, RAM and swap was exhausted
> again by lots of spawning processes (a few hundred
> neutron-rootwrap-daemon), and oom-killer cleaned it up, resulting in a loop
> where it fills and empties RAM every 20-60 minutes. We have some other
> neutron changes planned, so for now we have left that one turned off, and
> the other two (which have less RAM) are working fine without these symptoms.
> Strange, but I'm glad to have found something, and that it's working for
> now.
> Regards,
> Greg.

Ruslanas Gžibovskis
+370 6030 7030
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