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creating instances, haproxy eats CPU, glance eats RAM

Hi again everyone,

On 1/8/19 11:12 am, Gregory Orange wrote:
> We have a Queens/Rocky environment with haproxy in front of most services. Recently we've found a problem when creating multiple instances (2 VCPUs, 6GB RAM) from large images. The behaviour is the same whether we use Horizon or Terraform, so I've continued on with Terraform since it's easier to repeat attempts.

As a followup, I found a neutron server stuck with one of its cores consumed to 100%, and RAM and swap exhausted. After rebooting that server, everything worked fine. Over the next hour, RAM and swap was exhausted again by lots of spawning processes (a few hundred neutron-rootwrap-daemon), and oom-killer cleaned it up, resulting in a loop where it fills and empties RAM every 20-60 minutes. We have some other neutron changes planned, so for now we have left that one turned off, and the other two (which have less RAM) are working fine without these symptoms.

Strange, but I'm glad to have found something, and that it's working for now.