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stestr Python 2 Support

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send a quick update about the state of python 2 support in
stestr, since OpenStack is the largest user of the project. With the recent
release of stestr 2.4.0 we've officially deprecated the python 2.7 support
in stestr. It will emit a DeprecationWarning whenever it's run from the CLI
with python 2.7 now. The plan (which is not set in stone) is that we will be
pushing a 3.0.0 release that removes the python 2 support and compat code from
stestr sometime in early 2020 (definitely after the Python 2.7 EoL on Jan.
1st). I don't believe this conflicts with the current Python version support
plans in OpenStack [1] but just wanted to make sure people were aware so that
there are no surprises when stestr stops working with Python 2 in 3.0.0.


-Matt Treinish

[1] https://governance.openstack.org/tc/resolutions/20180529-python2-deprecation-timeline.html
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