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[Kolla][Keystone] No "Domains" found in identity area.


I tried the few steps from internet. Putting the policy.json with correct
default domain both into Horizon and Keystone.
And also modified few settings in local_settings. But I still can't see
Identity > Domains in cloud_admin.
If I type the URL manually (<Horizon IP/identity/domains>) , it will throw
unauthorized error.

Reference: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Horizon/DomainWorkFlow

What am I miss?

Eddie Yen <missile0407 at gmail.com> æ?¼ 2019å¹´7æ??18æ?¥ é?±å?? ä¸?å??9:45寫é??ï¼?

> Sorry, it should be Horizon, not Keystone.
> Eddie Yen <missile0407 at gmail.com> æ?¼ 2019å¹´7æ??18æ?¥ é?±å?? ä¸?å??9:25寫é??ï¼?
>> Hi,
>> I'm using kolla-ansible stable/rocky release to deploy Openstack
>> Try to test with multi-domains requirements. I'm do nothing but add
>> "horizon_keystone_multidomain: True" into globals.yml
>> After deployment, it works because I have to enter the domain name at
>> login screen.
>> Logged in with default domain and admin account. But I cannot found any
>> "Domains" section in identity block.
>> Is there something I miss?
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