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[tripleo] tripleo-ci team investigating lowering the time check jobs are waiting

Tripleo CI team is trying to find ways to lower the resource loads on upstream zuul by identifying jobs running in check or gate which should have being skipped.

This is an exercise in tuning which jobs launch against the various TripleO gerrit repos and not a complete overhaul of the coverage.

There have been some obvious mistakes made in the zuul configurations in the past, we are looking to resolve all these issues, but
also wanted to reach out to the broader community for more input.

Since yesterday we started to track the queue lengths for both tripleo-check and tripleo-gate [1], so soon we will be able to see some trends.

We have also been monitoring the number of jobs launched in both check and gate and their pass rates [2][3]

Even if you only have some doubts about some jobs, it would be useful to report them to us so we can investigate further.

Report on: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tripleo-jobs-tunning

[1] http://dashboard-ci.tripleo.org/d/cEEjGFFmz/cockpit?orgId=1&fullscreen&panelId=398
[2] check http://dashboard-ci.tripleo.org/d/cEEjGFFmz/cockpit?orgId=1&fullscreen&panelId=157
[3] gate http://dashboard-ci.tripleo.org/d/cEEjGFFmz/cockpit?orgId=1&fullscreen&panelId=307

Sorin Sbarnea
TripleO CI