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[nova-lxd] retiring nova-lxd

Hi All

Iâ??m slightly sad to announce that weâ??re retiring the LXD driver for Nova
aka â??nova-lxdâ??.

Developing a driver for Nova for container based machines has been a fun
and technically challenging ride over the last four years but weâ??ve never
really seen any level of serious production deployment; as a result weâ??ve
decided that itâ??s time to call it a day for nova-lxd.

Iâ??d like to thank all of the key contributors for their efforts over the
years - specifically Chuck Short, Paul Hummer, Chris MacNaughton, Sahid
Orentino and Alex Kavanaugh who have led or contributed to the development
of the driver over its lifetime.

Iâ??ll be raising a review to leave a note for future followers as to the
fate of nova-lxd.  If anyone else would like to continue development of the
driver they are more than welcome to revert my commit and become a part of
the development team!

Weâ??ll continue to support our current set of stable branches for another
~12 months.

Note that development of LXD and the pylxd Python module continues; its
just the integration of OpenStack with LXD that weâ??re ceasing development


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