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[tripleo] [cisco] [bigswitch] [midonet] Composable Services for Neutron plugins

With that thread I'm hoping to reach out some of the folks who were
involved in TripleO services for some of the Neutron plugins like Cisco,
Bigswitch and Midonet.
Some of them still use ExtraConfig interface which isn't super ideal.
I'm willing to help convert them into composable services but I'll need
help on the reviews and more importantly the actual testing.
If you're in CC and can help, good please let me know. If you're not
involved anymore, please give me a name if possible. If you were involved
and know the plugin doesn't need maintenance, let me know as well, it'll
save me time.

I started with the Cisco UCSM: https://review.opendev.org/669931
Emilien Macchi
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