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[openstack-ansible] suse support for stable/queens

> I suggest to stop caring about opensuse 42.x on stable/queens and
> older as we'd like to deprecate
> 42.x (it is going to be end of life and falling out of security
> support in the next few days) and focus on leap 15.x only.


Maybe I should clarify the whole story too:
1. Focus on bare metal deploys for ALL roles. See also [1]. 
2. Focus on deploys using distro packages for ALL roles. See also [1], column F.
3. Making sure efforts 1 and 2 apply to lower branches.

[1]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1coiPHGqaIKNgCGYsNhEgzswqwp4wedm2XoBCN9WMosY/edit#gid=752070695