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[goals][upgrade-checkers] Retrospective

On 4/26/2019 3:59 AM, Mark Goddard wrote:
> I was thinking you might be able to run the checks against the system 
> prior to making any upgrade changes, but it seems not.

You can and it might produce a warning or error for some checks saying 
to run online data migrations, but not all checks are related to or 
remedied with online data migrations. You can look at the History of 
Checks for nova [1]. The cells v2 ones in Ocata were very much about the 
need to create cell mappings and such - something we (nova) don't do for 
you. There are other checks for the minimum API version on a dependent 
external service (like placement, and I have one for cinder here [2]).

[1] https://docs.openstack.org/nova/latest/cli/nova-status.html#upgrade
[2] https://review.opendev.org/#/c/649759/