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[api-sig][neutron] Question on oslo policy assertion when supplied attribute equals the default

API SIG and Neutron communities,

For API requests that specify boolean attributes to the request, we
check "are you allowed to specify this attribute" before we check "would
specifying this argument make any difference".  I am proposing to change
that so users can specify things forbidden by policy as long as the
attribute specified equals the default and therefore the result would be
the same as if it had not been specified.  Are there any security
problems with that?

Long-winded explanation
I would like your opinion on the potential security impact of a change I
am proposing to the Neutron mechanism for assertion of oslo.policy.  In
response to an operator concern I proposed a change [1] that would
exempt oslo.policy checks under one specific condition: if the request
specifies a boolean attribute that matches a configured default.

The way Neutron is currently coded, API requests have the oslo.policy
check - "are you allowed to ask for X" before anything else about the
request is processed.  For those not familiar with it, oslo.polcy
additionally provides the ability to control arguments within that
request, so that you can permit only some users to use those arguments.
For example, usually permissions to create a network are pretty broad
but you must me admin to create a network and specify if it will be

The feedback that I got was that this was frustrating for users and some
operators.  The distinction that we make as programmers - asserting the
policy check before the processing of the request - is counterintuitive
from a user perspective.  The preferred behavior is to say "if supplying
the argument results in the same end condition as not supplying any
argument (because the argument supplied is the default anyway) then
allow it".  

Proposed change
The proposed change I submitted to neutron is to bypass oslo.policy
checks for method arguments when all boolean method arguments equal the
configured default.  If any boolean arguments differ from the default,
or if there are any other arguments specified that are controlled by
policy, then execute the oslo.policy checks as normal.  Here are a few

- Regular project user creates a network specifying shared=false.  
    - Current behavior: regular user cannot specify the shared
      attribute, denied.
    - Proposed behavior: "shared=false" is the default when creating
      networks, so allow it.
- Regular project user creates a router specifying that it be non-HA.
    - Current behavior: regular user cannot specify the "ha" attribute,
    - Proposed behavior: "ha=false" is the default when creating
      routers, so allow it.

In neutron the oslo.policy check is done in the API base [2] almost
immediately upon receipt of an API request, not as a decorator in the
keystone style.  So comparison of supplied boolean attributes against
defaults could be done at that point centrally.

The Concern
The concern raised - and what I hope to get the API SIG's guidance on -
is whether this raises any kind of security concern.  I don't think it
will.  Since we are comparing equivalence of the user supplied attribute 
to the default, the end result of a request permitted by this proposal
should always be the same as a request where the user did not supply
that argument.  But your wisdom would be appreciated in validating that

Thanks for your feedback,


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1821208
[2] https://opendev.org/openstack/neutron/src/branch/master/neutron/api/v2/base.py#L468