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[Third Party CI][Cinder] Changes from review.openstack.org to review.opedev.org

> Any idea why this is failing? While SSH isn't exactly "redirected"
> in this case, the old and new hostnames go to the exact same server
> so we fully expect event streaming to work as before. What we
> *can't* solve with SSH is Git remotes for projects whose namespaces
> changed during the move, so we've seen some questions from
> third-party CI operators about failures associated with
> incorporating unofficial repositories which moved from the
> "openstack" namespace to the "x" namespace into their jobs.
> --
> Jeremy Stanley

Ah, sorry. Maybe it was just that in combination with a host config issue I had
on another machine. I'm probably just crying wolf then.

Mainly, I just wanted to make sure third party CI operators had seen that this
transition work had been done and fix any issues with new host names and
things. If it is not actually an issue for most, please just consider this
another avenue for getting the word out about the great work the OpenDev Infra
team did over Friday and the weekend to get everything working as seamless as
possible. ;)