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[Third Party CI][Cinder] Changes from review.openstack.org to review.opedev.org

On 2019-04-22 06:46:59 -0500 (-0500), Sean McGinnis wrote:
> I think many CI systems SSH in and watch the event stream with something like:
> >> ssh -p 24198 review.openstack.org gerrit stream-events
> That will now fail with the move to opendev.org. Please make sure your CI
> configuration is updated to change that to review.opendev.org to continue to
> capture the event stream for triggering job execution.

Any idea why this is failing? While SSH isn't exactly "redirected"
in this case, the old and new hostnames go to the exact same server
so we fully expect event streaming to work as before. What we
*can't* solve with SSH is Git remotes for projects whose namespaces
changed during the move, so we've seen some questions from
third-party CI operators about failures associated with
incorporating unofficial repositories which moved from the
"openstack" namespace to the "x" namespace into their jobs.
Jeremy Stanley
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