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Migrating git repos to OpenDev

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019, at 5:13 PM, Clark Boylan wrote:
> The infra/OpenDev team continues to make good progress towards this 
> transition and plans to perform the transition on April 19, 2019 as 
> previously scheduled.  We will begin the transition at 15:00UTC and 
> users should plan for intermittent Gerrit and git repo outages through 
> the day. We expect most of those will be closer to 15:00UTC than 
> 23:00UTC.
> Fungi has generated a master list of project renames for the openstack 
> namespaces: http://paste.openstack.org/show/749402/. If you have a 
> moment please quickly review these planned renames for any obvious 
> errors or issues.
> For the airship, starlingx, and zuul repo renames the repositories 
> listed at git.airshipit.org, git.starlingx.io, and git.zuul-ci.org were 
> used placing repos in airship/, starlingx/ and zuul/ namespaces. Any 
> repo name prefix (like stx- and airship-) is dropped.

Hello everyone!

The Infra team, no, OpenDev Infra team, has completed the initial work to migrate to a more flexible git hosting platform. Gerrit is now hosted at review.opendev.org (with redirects from review.openstack.org in place). Our git mirroring has transitioned from git.openstack.org, git.airshipit.org, git.starlingx.io, and git.zuul-ci.org to http(s)://opendev.org. We have put in place redirects from these old domains to the new domain. If you see James Blair at the summit and appreciate these redirects: buy him a beverage.

As part of this transition we've also moved git repos around. Airship, Zuul, OpenDev, StarlingX and others now have their own top level "orgs" which we hope cuts down on confusion over what is or isn't part of a certain project. You will likely want to update your git remotes to the new canonical locations (where ever you get redirected to using the old urls) in the near future.

For unofficial projects that were hosted under openstack/ the OpenStack TC decided to move them out into a different org (namespace). The chosen namespace was x/ because it is short and doesn't convey any particular meaning. In time we can continue to use more meaningful namespaces, but for now I think we want to stabilize after the recent moves.

The Zuul tenant configs report no errors (Jeremy Stanley gets the beverages for this); however, that does not mean all jobs will be happy. We will be around to help work people through job failures related to this migration. Please reach out and we'll go from there.

On the infrastructure side of things we will also need to work to get our continuous deployment running again. This was a bit of an inception move for us as we do all our work through Gerrit and we had to take Gerrit down and "move" it.

Finally thank you all for your patience today and thank you to everyone that helped make this possible.