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[nova][scheduler] - Stack VMs based on RAM

On 4/19/2019 2:47 PM, Georgios Dimitrakakis wrote:
> Meanwhile what I 've though was to change the "weight_classes" parameter 
> to use only the "RAM" weight instead of all, since initially this is 
> what I would like to be based and then move on from there.
> Unfortunately I haven't found a way to properly set it and no matter 
> what I 've tried I always ended up with an error in nova-scheduler.log 
> saying "ERROR nova ValueError: Empty module name"
> Any ideas on how to set it based on the available weights? It seems that 
> it needs a list format but how?

You should be able to specify this in your nova.conf:

weight_classes = nova.scheduler.weights.ram.RAMWeigher

Does that not work?