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The python black project.

On 4/18/2019 3:51 AM, Natal Ngétal wrote:
> Black is project to format Python code. It's more and more used by the python
> community. That can save time and harmonize the code. For example, simple quote
> versus double quote, that was not checked by pep8.i It's just an example of
> what make  black With a pre-hook commit hook this will be also avoid to lose
> time with pep8 errors.
> Two links to see more:
> https://github.com/ambv/black
> https://www.mattlayman.com/blog/2018/python-code-black/
> I think it can be very interesting to start to use Black on OpenStack. What
> do you thinks about that? For example, we can introduce it on some projects, I
> would volunteer to try on TripleO.

I'd be a -2 on this if proposed for nova. Screwing up git blame in a 
10-year old project is a non-starter for me, not to mention the issues 
it would cause for backporting fixes to stable branch (which is already 
hard enough given the rate of change we have in the project). Drive by 
contributors might not care about that kind of thing but as a maintainer 
of the project it's pretty critical to me.

I also can't buy the argument made elsewhere in this thread that this is 
an issue turning away new contributors. Are there any new contributors 
that can really stand up here and say they are leaving openstack 
development because of code style/formatting inconsistencies? If this is 
really an issue about reviewers -1ing changes for code style, then let's 
call out those reviewers specifically and have a talk with them about 
what is and isn't appropriate for a -1 on a review in openstack. We've 
had these same nit pick review flame wars so may times over the years, 
isn't there anything better for people to be worried about? How about 
the gate burning down every few weeks? We don't have to care about code 
style if we can't merge the beautifully auto-formatted code anyway.