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[nova] Re: shelve server taking too long

On 4/19/2019 8:16 AM, Manuel Sopena Ballesteros wrote:
> I am trying to shelve a server but the process seems to be stuck in 
> shelving_image_pending_upload state.
> is it normal for the shelve process to take several hours?

Well, it's trying to snapshot the server's root disk and upload the 
snapshot image to glance. Have you debugged to determine if it's doing a 
live snapshot or a cold snapshot - the libvirt driver should log 
something about that. Do the compute logs say that it's uploading the 
image? Are there errors or anything else in the glance logs? I'm not 
sure if there is a hard timeout on the actual image upload itself, but 
the user token would eventually timeout and should trigger a failure 
(unless you've configured service user tokens [1]).