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[stackalytics] Moving stackalytics configuration file to github repo

Hello everyone,

Every day Stackalytics team works on new features.
One of these features is a statistics collecting for non OpenStack
projects. For example Kubernetes [1].
Stackalytics project has configuration file (default_data.json), which
contains a lot of data, including user properties. Such as name, launchpad
ID, github ID, email and companies.

It's a usual situation when a contributor change his/her email or find a
better job in new company.
To do not loose stats which were pinned with old email or to point that
he/she now work in new company contributor must add/modify his/her record
in default_data.json config file.

This config file was in `etc` directory in stackalytics repo [2].
But we moved this file to new github repository [3].
It was made to do not force non OpenStack contributors use OpenStack Gerrit
to update their stackalytics profiles.

>From this moment if you want to update your stackalytics profile you must
create a pull request to the new github repo [3]. The new data will be
applied within 12 hours after pull request merge.

All current patches with user data changes from stackalytics gerrit [4] are
still valid and will be applied and moved to [3] after approve. So do not
worry about them.

More information about user data updating you can find in Stackalytics Wiki
page [5].

If you have any questions we will be glad to answer.

Stackalytics team.

[1] https://www.stackalytics.com/cncf?project_type=kubernetes
[3] https://github.com/stackalytics/default_data
[5] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Stackalytics#Company_affiliation

Best Regards,
Sergey Nikitin
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