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The python black project.


On 4/18/19 10:51 AM, Natal Ngétal wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Black is project to format Python code. It's more and more used by the python
> community. That can save time and harmonize the code. For example, simple quote
> versus double quote, that was not checked by pep8.i It's just an example of
> what make  black With a pre-hook commit hook this will be also avoid to lose
> time with pep8 errors.

I'm not sure what exactly Black does, but the last thing I want to see is 
patches changing between single and double quotes. If it's not the case or it 
can be turned off, I'm all for experimenting.

> Two links to see more:
> https://github.com/ambv/black
> https://www.mattlayman.com/blog/2018/python-code-black/
> I think it can be very interesting to start to use Black on OpenStack. What
> do you thinks about that? For example, we can introduce it on some projects, I
> would volunteer to try on TripleO.

Given it's a pre-commit hook, isn't it supposed to be done on developer's 
machines? If so, how do you see applying Black to the whole OpenStack?


> My best regards