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Scuba Diving at the Denver Summit

We usually need to reraise important stuff before Summit. So bump this
one!:) Can't wait!

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 11:21 PM Monty Taylor <mordred at inaugust.com> wrote:

> Hey everybody!
> tl;dr - Let me know if you'd like to go diving in the Rocky Mountains.
> Of all of the places we've had a Summit where one might reasonably
> expect there to be a possibility of Scuba Diving, the Denver Summit is
> probably REALLY low on the list.
> But it turns out that there is a Dive Shop that does dives at the Denver
> Aquarium [0] (with all the fish and sharks and whatnot) The Denver
> Aquarium is also very close to the Convention Center.
> I'm going to see about putting together a private group dive event for
> those of us who think that sounds like a fun idea. Due to
> cross-contamination concerns for the health and safety of the fish, the
> dive shop provides all equipment - so you don't have to bring gear. They
> will allow bringing your own mask - and I'm assuming if a well-scrubbed
> mask is ok then a well-scrubbed dive computer would be ok - but I'll be
> checking with them when I call to arrange things.
> If you are Open Water certified and would like to join, please send me a
> response back (reply directly to me rather than the list is fine) so I
> can judge general interest level when talking to the lovely humans.
> If you are **NOT** Open Water certified but are thinking to yourself
> "wow, that sounds like fun" - the dive shop does certification dives at
> the aquarium on the weekends. That's a bit out of scope for me to
> arrange, but if you want to show up in Denver early and do an Open Water
> class then join us, that's awesome. You can also get certified at home
> before coming ... but you'll need an Open Water certification to join us.
> There is another interesting diving opportunity in the general Mountain
> West area - although not immediately **close** to Denver - that Sandy
> and I are going to be going to before the Summit - Homestead Crater.
> We're arranging to meet a Scuba instructor there to do our second
> Altitude cert dive, and also to do a 2-dive "Hot Springs Diver"
> specialty. We'd be happy to have folks join us.
> Homestead Crater [1] is outside of Salt Lake City. It's a hot spring -
> the water is 96F/35.5C and it's also an altitude dive. If people are
> interested, we can meet at the crater on Thursday morning pre-summit,
> dive the crater, then drive to Denver on Friday/Saturday.
> ** If only a small number of people are interested in any of this -
> we'll likely just do the Denver dives the weekend before during one of
> the normally scheduled dive times instead of arranging a group outing,
> and shift Homestead, if anyone is interested, a few days earlier **
> I will not have space enough in my car to get you from the crater to
> Denver, so if you want to fly in to SLC ahead of time and meet there,
> awesome.
> Unlike Denver, the crater will require you have equipment, including
> scuba tanks. For anyone interested in coming, there are dive shops in
> Salt Lake where you can rent gear. There is a dive shop at the crater to
> do air fills.
> Anyway - if anyone is interested in some or all of these things, let me
> know this week so I can get a headcount and then we can talk more
> off-list about logistics and figure out how to deal with things for
> people coming from far off (carpools, equipment, etc)
> Monty
> PS. If any of you aren't already using Subsurface for dive logging, I'll
> be happy to help you get set up.
> [0] https://divedowntown.com/
> [1] https://homesteadresort.com/utah-resort-things-to-do/homestead-crater/

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