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[telemetry] Update cores team and team lead recruitment

>From a billing perspective I'd be interested in helping Ceilometer where
needed, and doing some code review to get more familiar with the service.

When I first started with OpenStack it was in Ceilometer, so it has been
a while, but considering our billing solution relies on it (albeit an
older version), I think making sure it works, and still fulfills what we
need for billing is important!

I don't know if adding me to core yet is a good idea, but feel free to
throw some review patches my way for Ceilometer. :)

On 10/04/19 6:46 PM, Trinh Nguyen wrote:
> Hi team,
> As you may know, existing core members of Telemetry cannot work on the
> projects anymore. So, I would like to set up a new core team for
> Telemetry projects in the Train cycle. At the moment, only Lixian Kong
> and I have the core privileges over Ceilometer, AODH, and Panko
> projects. I expect to have 1 more core reviewer to help maintain
> Telemetry. So *please send us your proposal if you're interested*.
> This is the current structure of Telemetry:
>   * AODH: Lixian Kong is the team lead
>   * Ceilometer and Panko: myself. This is just tempory until we can
>     find someone that has enough experience and willing to take the role.
> As discussed in yesterday meeting [1], you may argue that having
> experience does not necessarily qualify for code contributions but
> with the current situation, I would propose "*the willing to help*" as
> the number 1 criteria. We will move forward with it and fix processes
> when we see issues.
> Thank all the people that want to keep Telemetry alive.
> Yours,
> [1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/telemetry-train
> -- 
> *Trinh Nguyen*
> _www.edlab.xyz <https://www.edlab.xyz>_
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