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kube_cluster_deploy fails


i try to deploy a kubernetes cluster on OpenStack rocky with Magnum. All 
Heat steps runs fine except for the last one "kube_cluster_deploy":

kube_cluster_deploy    c3a79e96-87d8-442e-83f1-91d7a1acd896    1 
minute    Create Failed    CREATE aborted (Task create from 
SoftwareDeployment "kube_cluster_deploy" Stack 
[b17bfab3-f46a-477b-921f-4719bfd8df06] Timed out)

The cluster contains three control / compute nodes, Octavia is also 
installed and works fine as far as I can see.

Atomic Image:

The command was:
openstack coe cluster template create kubernetes-cluster-template \
   --image fedora-atomic-latest \
   --external-network public \
   --dns-nameserver \
   --master-flavor m1.small \
   --flavor m1.large \
   --coe kubernetes \
   --docker-volume-size 10 \
   --tls-disabled \

openstack coe cluster create kubernetes-cluster \
   --cluster-template kubernetes-cluster-template \
   --master-count 1 \
   --node-count 1 \
   --timeout 30 \
   --keypair mykey

Did someone run also into this Problem or know how to fix it?


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