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[CI] nested virtualization support in OpenStack CI

hi just a quick update.
i have created an work in progress nfv job definition that
works without nested virt in this patch.

i will be created a similar tempest-dpdk job before the ptg.

but form my testign using libvirt 5.2 we can now utilise the
qemu MTTCG backend to do hugepage,emulator thread realtime and cpu pinning
in the upstream gate.

i have enabled all of the above in that test job.

ovs-dpdk just needs hugepages to work so ill port my thridparty ovs-dpdk
job to the networking-ovs-dpdk repo in the next week or so and networking-ovn
will be able to inhirti form it or create there own using it as a template.

the main draw back to this approch is that fedroa 29 with the virt preview
repo is the only way to do this in the gate unless we compile libvirt and qemu
from scratch. we have devstack plugins that can do that if we wanted to
create a ubunut/centos based job but form what i can tell the only feature
we cant test that was previously tested by the intel nfv ci using
this setup would be multiple guest numa nodes.

multi numa node guest can only be created by multi numa node host due to restictions
we have in nova. if we want to test that we either need to remvoe that restiction (my perference)
or we need to ask the operators the provide our ci resouce if they would be willing
to kindly create a private flavor that had 2 numa nodes. .e.g hw:numa_nodes=2