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[chef] Renaming the Chef OpenStack project

On 2019-04-12 10:56:17 -0400 (-0400), Mohammed Naser wrote:
> I haven't dug into the history if we've ever done a similar
> rename, but perhaps one of our OpenStack historians can point to
> commits in the past where we've done the same and how it was dealt
> with in other places.

2018-03-23 PowerStackers -> PowerVMStackers

2017-12-12 Shade -> OpenStackSDK

2015-12-15 Release Cycle Management -> Release Management

2014-08-20 Marconi -> Zaqar

2014-03-17 Savanna -> Sahara

2013-11-27 Ceilometer -> Telemetry

2013-07-06 Quantum -> Neutron
[before openstack/governance repo existed]

And there are probably a few more I'm forgetting. A number of
unofficial teams also changed their names at the same as time or
immediately prior to petitioning the TC for recognition as official
programs or projects, mostly for legal/trademark reasons.
Jeremy Stanley
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