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[dev][stable][release][manila] Should we revert these stable branch backports?

On 12/04/19 12:50 +1000, Tony Breeds wrote:
>On Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 06:35:44AM -0400, Tom Barron wrote:
>> At the risk of stating the obvious, but for the record, this backport
>> doesn't change *when* these deprecations occurred for VMAX.  They occurred
>> in Stein development cycle, not during the Ocata development cycle, and the
>> earliest the deprecated options could be removed is Train.
>That brings up an interesting point and one which is largely tangental
>to the stable backport issue but AFAICT the 'deprecated' names are still
>called out as the correct way to configure the driver.  At least in the
>case of the Unity diver:
>That could be fixed and backported to stein.  I sort of think that sets
>the timer to 'U' but that certainly isn't supported by our policy and is
>a project team decision.
>Yours Tony.

Thanks for this catch, Tony. Helen, you've been making a few EMC 
driver documentation fixes recently, so would you be so kind as to 
submit a review for this one as well?  Also, is there any problem 
setting the timer for removal to 'U' instead of Train as Tony suggests?


-- Tom