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[Vitrage] Find solution on integrate vitrage to current monitor

Now I try write new datasource kapacitor to vitrage, storyboard : https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2005428 
I will greatly appreciate with your help. 

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If I understand correctly, InfluxDB is used for storing metrics, but it does not handle the logic of when to raise an alarm, so integrating with it will not help you. I'm not familiar with any tool that "converts" InfluxDB metrics to alarms that are sent to Vitrage. 

I think that the only way to integrate your alarms is to write a new datasource for Kapacitor, since this specific monitor is not supported yet in Vitrage. You can find details on how to write a new datasource here [1]. 

[1] https://docs.openstack.org/vitrage/latest/contributor/add-new-datasource.html 

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I sent this mail for finding solution when integrate vitrage to my current monitor system. 
I my system we use Tick stack monitor: with telegraf is collector metric, influxdb for storing metric, and kapacitor for alarming. 
It been work for a long while, all our monitor data in influxdb. I'm wondering have any tool can read influxdb, create alarm so vitrage can get input alarm from it?. 
Or any ideal you can recommend me on integrate vitrage to my system? 

p/s: i was think about write datasource driver kapacitor can alarm vitrage, but it take time, and I'm not good at codding. 

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