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[placement][ptg] code refactoring constraints and goals

On Wed, 10 Apr 2019, Eric Fried wrote:

> This suggests a change whereby we move a bunch of module-level methods
> to instance methods. I actually really like that idea. So for example:
> @db_api.placement_context_manager.writer
> def _set_traits(context, rp, traits):
>     ...
> becomes:
> class ResourceProvider(object):
>     ...
>     @db_api.placement_context_manager.writer
>     def _set_traits(self, traits):
>         ...
>         # the artist formerly known as 'rp' is now 'self'
>         # and context is self._context
> How do folks feel about us making this change?

In the absence of other ideas I'm fine with this because of what I
said before: I care most that the code get visited often.

My main reservation with this suggestion is that it moves some
things in the opposite direction from what I would prefer: I'd like
to see (file-based) separation between those methods which are
`db_api.placement_context_manager` and those that are not. Or, in
other terms: sql generation in other files.

This would allow us to have what amounts to three tiers:

* web stuff
* mumble (might call it controller, but that's not quite right)
* sql stuff

which I feel provides good contextual cues and affords some
opportunities for more robust testing of the sql generation.

However, it might be more pain than it is worth as we currently have
quite a bit of set() management mixed with sql management.

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