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[magnum] kubernests cinder deploying wordpress


I'm trying to deploy a simple wordpress installation following the
documentation from kubernets.

kubernets was deployed using magnum on openstack rocky using the following

Then i'm using the cinder storage class that is described in kubernets
and I also made it default.

I did the following test:
cinder volume created before hand and used in pod directly with the id, the
volume is attached and mounted correctly like is described here:

Now if I try to deploy wordpress using the first link  or other helms that
use volume claim,  the volume is created automatically by kubernets but
they are never attached or mounted to the instances.

On master I see the following error:

pv_protection_controller.go:116] PV
pvc-48fed935-5b61-11e9-9901-fa163e5ebeae failed with : Operation cannot be
fulfilled on persistentvolumes "pvc-48fed935-5b61-11e9-9901-fa163e5ebea>
the object has been modified; please apply your changes to the latest
version and try again

Is there something I miss? I'm using the wrong version of fedora-atomic?
It's the latest version available for download.

I did find that someone else had this error but not with cinder:
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