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[all][tc] Repository renames during OpenDev migration

Hi all,

During the migration to OpenDev, we plan to change the way we organize some
of our repositories. Before you ask, yes, there will be redirects. The TC
has made some decisions about this[0]; this email is a re-iteration of the
plan and a call for any last minute feedback.

Here's how a repository's new namespace will be decided, as it stands today:

- is the repo listed in projects.yaml[2]? If so, "openstack".
- is the repo listed in legacy.yaml[3]? If so, "openstack".
- is the repo listed in foundation-board-repos.yaml[4]? If so, "openstack".
- is the repo listed in sigs-repos.yaml[5]? If so, "openstack".
- is the repo listed in technical-committee-repos.yaml[6]? If so,
- is the repo listed in user-committee-repos.yaml[7]? If so, "openstack".
- has the repo owner requested a new name(space) in the transition ethercalc
  sheet[1]? If so, use that.
- anything else? A few of us from the TC will manually review the list to
  sure we didn't miss anything that is an official OpenStack repo. Anything
  left will be moved to another namespace[8] unless/until the owner requests
  it to be moved elsewhere.

[1] https://ethercalc.openstack.org/opendev-transition
[8] I'm not even going to name it here, lest this thread devolves into a
    discussion about this name and nothing else.

// jim
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