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[PowerVMStackers][Winstackers][uc][tc] Encourage to transform from project to SIG

Okay, I'll bite.

>> So we've been working on getting nova-powervm merged into nova to get
>> it under that umbrella. But to do that we have been asked to port
>> functions in piece by piece, which is an arduous process that will
>> take a while yet. So like it or not, I think we're stuck with
>> PowerVMStackers for a while... unless you can convince the nova cores
>> to move nova-powervm under their umbrella (and neutron/ceilometer, but
>> I think that would far less of an issue).
> Being part of the Nova project wont alter how the code migrates from
> openstack/nova-powervm -> openstack/nova but I agree that it should
> happen  (/me looks sideways the current nova PTL ;P)

I would be supportive of the continuation of the effort to move
nova-powervm into nova proper. Now, I happen to know from firsthand
experience that the code is excellent - certainly way prettier than a
lot of the legacy gorp in the libvirt driver. Nevertheless, whether by
switching governance or porting the code into the nova project, it would
be irresponsible of the nova team to assume ownership without thorough
review. I don't think anyone is arguing with that, including Matthew:

> We've been asked to port one function at a time and take it through
> the normal rigorous review process. I understand why, and I'm not
> saying I disagree

That said, the effort needs to be driven by PowerVM. The nova team is
not so abundantly staffed as to be able to go out volunteering for stuff
like this just because it would be nice. PowerVM did not propose any
ports in the stein cycle, and I haven't seen anything for train yet
either. I understand the team is being "restructured"; I assume the
cadence will resume once the dust settles.

In the meantime, while there is still a significant gap between the
in-tree and out-of-tree versions, it definitely makes sense for the
*-powervm projects to have their own core team(s) and PTL.

Beyond that (I may get in trouble for saying this) I care not a whit
whether it's called a project or a SIG or a club or a cabal.