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[tripleo] removal of mixed release config files used in upgrades


As part of the release config cleanup/sanitization we have a change for removal of mixed release files 
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/650913/ <https://review.openstack.org/#/c/650913/>

		D	config/release/master-undercloud-ocata-overcloud.yml	
		D	config/release/ocata-undercloud-newton-overcloud.yml		
		D	config/release/queens-undercloud-newton-overcloud.yml			
		D	config/release/tripleo-ci/CentOS-7/master-undercloud-queens-overcloud.yml		
		D	config/release/tripleo-ci/CentOS-7/master-undercloud-rocky-overcloud.yml			
		D	config/release/tripleo-ci/CentOS-7/pike-undercloud-ocata-overcloud.yml				
		D	config/release/tripleo-ci/CentOS-7/queens-undercloud-newton-overcloud.yml		
		D	config/release/tripleo-ci/CentOS-7/queens-undercloud-pike-overcloud.yml			
		D	config/release/tripleo-ci/CentOS-7/rocky-undercloud-queens-overcloud.yml

AFAIK, emit releases script changes removed the need for having these mixed files, so it should be safe to remove them. 

Feel free to add your comments on that change as we would like to avoid breaking a job that may be still needing them -- we tried to identify jobs using them, even on queens and rocky branches but so far we did not find any job still using these files (the upgrade ones are using standard release files and emit releases).

PS. The reason for removal of these files is that we are trying to add some validation of the release config files, and those were found as containing some invalid data.

Sorin Sbarnea

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