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[placement][ptg] Enabling other projects to continue with placement or get started

On 4/8/19 6:16 PM, Chris Dent wrote:
>  From the etherpad [1]
> * blazar
> * cinder
> * cyborg
> * ironic
> * neutron
> Who else?
> This is a bit of a catch-many topic. Despite being birthed in Nova,
> Placement is designed to be useful to lots of different services.
> There's already some time defined at the PTG to talk about the
> interaction of Ironic, Blazar, and Placement.
> What are the issues with that?

 From ironic perspective there is no issue, but there is a critical question to 
decide: when Ironic+Placement is used, which of them acts as the final 
authority? If Ironic, then we need to teach Placement to talk to its Allocation 
API when allocating a bare metal node. If Placement, then we need to support 
Allocation API talking to Placement. I suspect the latter is saner, but I'd like 
to hear more opinions.

In both cases we'll need something that syncs nodes from Ironic to Placement 
when there is no Compute to do it.

> What are the issues other services are experiencing with Placement?
> Preventing people from using Placement?
> What services are using Placement and the team doesn't know about
> it?
> [1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/placement-ptg-train