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[openstack-dev] minimum libvirt version for nova-compute

On 20-06-18 07:32:08, Matt Riedemann wrote:
> On 6/20/2018 6:54 AM, Lee Yarwood wrote:
> > We can bump the minimum here but then we have to play a game of working
> > out the oldest version the above fix was backported to across the
> > various distros. I'd rather see this address by the Libvirt maintainers
> > in Debian if I'm honest.
> Just a thought, but in nova we could at least do:
> 1. Add a 'known issues' release note about the issue and link to the libvirt
> patch.

> and/or
> 2. Handle libvirtError in that case, check for the "Incorrect number of
> padding bytes" string in the error, and log something with a breadcrumb to
> the libvirt fix - that would be for people that miss the release note, or
> hit the issue past rocky and wouldn't have found the release note because
> they're on Stein+ now.

Yeah that's fair, I'll submit something for both of the above today.


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