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[openstack-dev] [openstackclient][openstacksdk] why does openstackclient rely on openstacksdk for get a network client

Hello everyone
CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611
OpenStack Version: Newton
# rpm -qa | egrep "(openstacksdk|openstackclient)"
The openstack CLI is implemented by python-openstackclient. 
In the python-openstackclient package, the function make_client(instance) is used to obtain the client for each service (openstackclient/xxx/client.py), I noticed that almost all core services are import their own python2-xxxclient to get the client, for example:
image/client.py --> import glanceclient.v2.client.Client
compute/client.py --> import novaclient.client
volume/client.py --> import cinderclient.v2.client.Client

But only the network service is import openstacksdk to get the client, as follows:
network/client.py --> import openstack.connection.Connection

So, my question is, why does the network service not use the python2-neutronclient to get the client like other core projects, but instead uses another separate project(openstacksdk)?  
My personal opinion, openstacksdk is a project that can be used independently, it is mainly to provide a unified sdk for developers, so there should be no interdependence between python-xxxclient and openstacksdk, right? 

For any help, thks

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