Subject: RE: Problem building Xerces 2.7.0 with Cygwin

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Subject: Re: Problem building Xerces 2.7.0 with Cygwin

Will Sappington wrote:


>> export XERCESCROOT = c:/proj/3rdParty/libs/xerces-c-src_2_7_0

> Why are you using a DOS-style specification here? I would recommend
> use /cygdrve/c/proj/3rdParty/libs/xerces-c-src_2_7_0 instead.

This was the problem and I suspected it might be. That's what I was
referring to when I said I would keep digging into it - trying other
path specifications. I tried this because Cygwin seems to handle the
various path conventions on the command line and in scripts with no
problems. It was just what I decided to try first.


>> /cygdrive/c/proj/3rdparty/libs/xerces-c-src_2_7_0/src/xercesc
>> $ make
>> Makefile:73: *** target pattern contains no `%'. Stop.

> I believe this is a result of the way you specified XERCESCROOT.

Indeed it was. Thank you for the help.