Subject: [mingw - MSYS] RE: is there sigsetjmp/siglongjmp

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By: keithmarshall

The message you cite suggested that you use Cygwin, if you need such POSIX
the follow on suggestion to wait for MSYS is misleading.

MSYS does not, and cannot, make such POSIX functions available to your MinGW
compiled programs; it simply provides a shell environment, with a number of
GNU/POSIX tools, to facilitate building of MinGW programs using a GNU style
build process.

You have actually asked the wrong question -- it should have been "does MinGW
provide sigsetjmp...?", and I'm afraid the answer is still "no". MinGW is
to work with the MSVCRT runtime, which doesn't have the functions in question
-- why would it, since Win32 itself doesn't support signal handling in any POSIX
compliant manner?

BTW, even though POSIX requires sigsetjmp and siglonglmp, their use is
(as indeed it is for setjmp and longjmp). Quoting the man page on my GNU/Linux
box: "setjmp() and sigsetjmp make programs hard to understand and maintain.
If possible an alternative should be used."


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