Subject: Re: Bug in grep 2.5.1a (+ patch to fix it)

Gordon Lack wrote:
However, I'm started reporting this as a bug in grep, not in Fedora. It isn't of much use for people collecting the grep source from the GNU
repository if fixes are only in a Fedora distribution as additonal

Of course, and thank you for helping in this way.

I'm now getting a little confused as to whether I'm talking to Fedora
development or Grep development. The Changelog at
indicates that my original fix (reported as fixed in Fedora) has gone
into the GNU code. (However, I can't run CVS through my firewall, so I
can't download CVS code...)

What's going on, roughly, is that Tim Waugh has a collection of patches for grep that are applied in the Red Hat / Fedora distributions. GNU Grep has been almost stagnant for several years and has a lot of catching up to do. No-one has much time to work on getting the patches into the master source.

You could help, if you would, by creating a regression test script for any known bug or patch, such as the bug(s) you are currently looking at.

Stepan Kasal and I have write access to the CVS repository, and we will apply patches once we can see them to be correct and well written, with regression tests. I have been looking through the existing patches, trying to work out what they do and whether they are doing it properly, but I can only do that for the simple ones and the well-documented ones.

I would like to commit tests for known bugs as soon as possible, and not wait until a fix is available. (If we want to release the next version before all of the tests pass, we would probably disable the ones that fail.)

- Julian