Re: Possible bug in grep -P

thank you very much for your bug report.

A quick note: the bug report address has changed to bug-grep at the same
domain. Please use that if another problem appears.

On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 05:30:36PM -0000, Michael Orr wrote:
> grep -P '\D'

yes, I can verify I experience the same problem here, with current CVS
version of grep.

Unfortunately, the --perl-regexp option is an experimental extension,
and we don't have cappacities to work on the bug now.

It will be archived though, and handled when we get to this problem.

But if you, or any of the developers on the bug-grep list, resolve the
problem, and submit the patch, it might be accepted.

Sorry that I hadn't better news for you.

Thank you again for informing us about the bug,
Stepan Kasal